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The Hotel Miramare against Covid-19

For the protection of the health of our Guests and our Staff, the Hotel has adopted various tools and procedures for sanitizing the common areas and rooms and has organized the spaces in such a way as to guarantee the necessary distance for your and our safety.

Here are the procedures we have adopted:

Quick check-in and check-out: we give you the opportunity to communicate your identity document and billing information before your arrival, so that the Reception can check-in and check-out as quickly as possible

Plexiglass: to maintain the social security distancing for you and the Staff, we have equipped the Reception with plexiglass protections. These barriers do not distance us from you, but they are indispensable for being able to be together without fear.

Room cleaning: in addition to the room cleaning protocol, at each customer change, the Hotel is equipped with an ozone generator designed and built for professional use. It is a device for sanitizing rooms and common areas that sanitizes, oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe. Eliminates over 99.00% of bacteria, pollen, mites as well as inactivating viruses. It is effective because, being a gas, it penetrates deeply and reaches even the most hidden points, but does not harm people, animals or the environment.

Room courtesy key, to be kept with you

Hand sanitizer dispenser: you will find dispensers with antibacterial liquid in different points on the ground floor and in the different floors.

Cleaning and sanitizing of common areas: daily and in the event of large turnouts, even several times a day.

Space in the dinning room with a table assigned for the entire period of the stay

Distance to the beach with assigned seat for the whole period of the stay

Hygienically and sanitized sheets