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Caorle was built in the 1st century B.C. by Romans. Many archeological findings confirm this attribution; in fact, in the area were found some Paleolithic settlements. In the Roman period Caorle gained importance and became the supply harbour of Julia Concordia. People who lived in Veneto and Friuli moved to Caorle during the Barbarian invasions. During the following centuries, Caorle became one of the most important cities of the Republic of Venice. With the Napoleonic invasions, Caorle went into decline.

Among the main attractions of Caorle there are: The Cathedral of St. Stephen, built in 1038, a beautiful example of Romanesque and Byzantine-Ravennate style with its cylindrical bell tower, and the picturesque fishmen’s village. Moreover, the old town centre is still structured as a little Venetian corner, with coloured houses and its “calli” (alleys) and “campielli” (squares).
In Caorle, history, traditions and past events affect modern people. The big caorlina, the bragozzi challenge, the Caorlevivistoria, the Fraima, are some of the events organise to commemorate the past and to re-experience the ancient splendour and the folklore of the town.